Why Perfect Coffee

Your Coffee - The Way You Intended It To Be

Our mission is simple: Find the best coffees, and make them simple for coffee lovers to prepare. Creating delicious coffee takes skill, experience, a trained palette and the right tools. It also takes time and patience to get your extraction exactly right - each roast batch behaves a little differently and requires slightly different values to get it right.

Most coffee drinkers love a great cup, but don't have inclination to learn how to make one. For those begin the journey, many get stymied by inconsistent results and feel frustrated. We wondered if it would be possible to take all the ambiguity and guesswork out of making coffee. On the face of it, it seemed pretty straightforward - for each batch of beans and brew method find a way to "record" the grind, ratio of water to coffee, water temperature, and brew time. Easy, right?

Except for Grind. It was shocking to learn that there is no practical way to accurately measure grind - so we invented one. Using cutting edge imaging, computer vision and data analysis technologies, we developed a fast and efficient way to measure and reproduce your grind.

If you work with Perfect Coffee, you can be confident that none of the time, effort, and passion that you put into each and every batch will be lost. And you can rest assured that someone brewing your roast at home will be enjoying it the way it was meant to be. Not only is this good for your brand and your business, it's also good for your soul.