Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • How does Perfect Coffee work?

    Perfect Coffee is a subscription service that delivers a wide variety of amazing specialty coffees to your door each month. The coffee comes in pre-ground, easy-to-brew packets specific to how you like to brew at home to provide you the quality experience of a café.

  • Doesn’t ground coffee go stale quickly?

    Ground coffee typically goes stale within hours, but Perfect Coffee uses a proprietary technology process to grind and seal our roasters’ coffees in a way that keeps them fresh for months! This is something our roasters have tested us extensively to ensure we truly deliver.

  • Do I need to know how to brew “specialty coffee”?

    Absolutely not. Our job is to make it easy for anyone to make great coffee at home. Just follow our simple instructions and you’ll have amazing results.

  • What types of coffees do you offer?

    We offer a full range of terrific specialty coffees from light, to medium and dark roast…as well as single origins and blends. We also offer decaf options.

  • How hard is it for me to brew the coffee?

    We make it incredibly easy to brew Perfect Coffee. Each packet comes with very simple to follow instructions that are specific to how you brew (Drip Maker, French Press, AeroPress®, etc). Just open the packet and follow the instructions and you’ll have specialty café quality coffee in your home.

  • What methods of brewing do you support?

    We currently produce packets for Drip Maker, French Press and AeroPress®. Many users also use our existing packets to brew great pour over coffees as well as other related methods (Espro® press, etc). We’ll have more brewing methods available soon!

Subscription Program Questions

  • How do Perfect Coffee subscriptions work?

    You choose from one of our available plan levels and then create your own personalized monthly shipments that are customized for your needs. This includes picking the coffees you’d like to receive each month, the brew method(s) you want and finally how many cups of coffee you’d like each packet to prepare (single cup, two cups, four cups).

  • Can I make changes to my plan over time?

    Yes, you can make changes to any part of your plan (level, coffees, brew methods, serving sizes) whenever you want. However note that if your changes are too close to your next shipment date (usually within one week) it may take until the following month to take effect. Note that as a subscriber you will receive a reminder email each month before your shipment goes out which will enable you to change coffees prior to your next shipment.

  • Do your coffees go out of stock?

    Some of our coffees are seasonal or will go out of stock (Coffee is an agricultural product!) so on occasion you will need to replace one selection with a different one.

  • How does your “No-risk trial” work?

    If you are not satisfied with your first shipment we will refund your first month’s subscription cost. We just ask that you send back any coffee you haven’t consumed and tell us why you’re cancelling.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Perfect Coffee is a monthly subscription service and you can cancel it any time. Note that if your cancellation comes too close to your next monthly shipment (typically within one week) it will not take effect till the following month.

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